Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Announce ‘Push The Sky Away’ Album Details

Good news, word has finally come through on the soon-to-be-released album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The band have today announced that their 15th studio album dubbed Push the Sky Away will hit shelves 13th February, 2013.

Just about everything involved with the record has been intricate. Recorded in a 19th century mansion turned recording studio in the south of France otherwise known as La Fabrique, Cave tracked the release in an estate heavily decorated with classic vinyl. Style was present everywhere throughout the recording process and it’s sure to shine through the final product.

Throughout the record, you’ll be unsure which instrument you’re listening too. The band found themselves using anything and everything to make a sonic soundscape come to life, resulting in a vivid display of sound.

Says Cave of the album, “I enter the studio with a handful of ideas, unformed and pupal; it’s the Bad Seeds that transform them into things of wonder. Ask anyone who has seen them at work. They are unlike any other band on earth for pure, instinctive inventiveness.”

He adds, “I don’t know, this record just seems new, you know, but new in an old-school kind of way.”

Single We No Who U R is expected to drop December 3rd for your listening pleasure, and the rest of the tracklist can be examined below.


We No Who U R

Wide Lovely Eyes

Water’s Edge

Jubilee Street


We Real Cool

Finishing Jubilee Street

Higgs Boson Blues

Push The Sky Away

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