Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic: “Maybe We Can Make New Music One Day”

In a recent profile detailing the night that Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the months leading up to it, drummer Dave Grohl indicated that their Rock Hall performance was “more about the future,” which has many curious if there is one for the grunge legends.

Speaking on the band’s decision to have a series of female singers front the group in place of late frontman Kurt Cobain, Grohl explained to Rolling Stone that the decision “added substance and depth” to the performances, “so it didn’t turn into a eulogy. It was more about the future.”

Asked about the future, bassist Krist Novoselic said, “That’s a good question. I mean, there’s Foo Fighters and Dave has some other projects going on. And I have some commitments. But you never say never now. We did it. I sure won’t say no. Maybe we can even do some new music one day.”

But Grohl is even less certain, saying, “We haven’t even talked about it. We looked at that evening as a night that may never happen again. That’s what made it so powerful and beautiful and meaningful. And it may never happen again, so we made the most of it. And it was fucking great.”

Among his disclosures in the Rolling Stone piece, Novoselic admitted to re-learning Nirvana’s songs by purchasing a tab book. “I picked up a Nirvana tab book a week before to relearn my parts,” he said. “We weren’t up to speed at first. But then it started to flow and it got better and better.”

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