Nonpoint For Soundwave 2015?

Some cryptic activity on Nonpoint‘s official Facebook page has fans wondering if the Fort Lauderdale heavy metal outfit could be set to play the highly anticipated return of Soundwave Festival. Promoter AJ Maddah originally hoped to book the band for Soundwave 2014.

“Australia, Who is here?” the band wrote earlier this evening, which some fans took to mean a possible tour or a potential Soundwave appearance. However, the band later amended the post to include details about their new album, “[New] album out on Metal Blade Records on Sept 29th!!!”

After a fan asked if the post was a potential “Soundwave spoiler,” the band replied, “No, but we are hoping to be on the festival for sure!!!” After the fan pressed for clarification on the somewhat cryptic reply, the Flordia heavy metallers responded, “We just no but that we hope that we are [sic].”

If one assumes that the band would know whether or not they were in the running for the event’s 2015 lineup, particularly as Maddah recently revealed that the roster was close to being completed and simply needed “fine tuning,” Nonpoint’s Facebook comments come as particularly odd.

When asked last month if there was a chance the band would make an appearance, Maddah told a fan that they were a “maybe.” Maddah said on Twitter that he wanted to secure the band for 2014, but was held back by the band’s reportedly “very poor choice in representation for Australia.”

Listen: Nonpoint – Breaking Skin

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