Northlane Back Peking Duk, Call On NSW Voters To Give The Liberal Party & Their “War On Festivals” The Boot

Northlane guitarist Josh Smith has ripped the NSW Liberal Party and their so-called “war on music festivals” a new one, backing calls by Peking Duk for punters to turf the nanny state ringleaders from government when they hit the polling booths this March.

Though the metalcore riffmaker rarely uses his social platforms to get political, the recent shock cancellation of Mountain Sounds and other music festivals across the state has got him giving zero Quantum Fux.

“Northlane and I stand with @PekingDuk, @BluesfestByronBay and everyone else who’s spoken out against the @liberalpartynsw’s war against live music,” Smith writes on Instagram.

Sharing Peking Duk’s original post on Facebook, the guitarist adds: “Right now I feel obliged to use my platform to speak out against something close to home.

“The NSW Liberal Party’s knee-jerk response to drug related festival deaths has defied logic. Not only are young people still dying, Gladys Berejiklian and co. are now dismantling an entire industry.

He continues: “Live music has a positive effect on the mental health of patrons, it creates tourism, employs thousands and generates a staggering amount of wealth for our economy despite very little governmental support.

“If this issue is important to you, take it to the polls in two weeks time and vote them out.”

Well… you heard the man!

Meanwhile, does anyone else reckon a Northlane and Peking Duk co-headlining fuck-the-nanny-state rager would be the greatest thing ever?

ICYMI: Northlane performed at the inaugural Good Things festival back in December, the Sydney leg of which — unlike Brisbane and Melbourne — was forced to ban under 18’s from attending at the last minute after the Berejiklian Government allegedly imposed “multiple impediments”, including “exorbitant policing fees”.

Now, pretty much the entire NSW music industry is banding together to support a huge Don’t Kill Live Music rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park next Thursday, 21st February from 6pm – 8pm.

You can find out more info on that right here, or read Smith’s full post below.

PS in happier news, Northlane have just finished recording their next album and there’s “double the screaming” (!!!)

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