Northlane Star In Creepy Fake Trailer For ‘X-Men’ Spin-Off ‘Gambit’

Oscars season is slowly but surely approaching, with Hollywood desperately dishing out Oscar bait to win the love and adoration of their industry. Now, our very own Northlane have thrown their own entry into the mix, casting aside all expectations for their gritty, exposing depiction of Marvel’s underdog hero and occasional X-Man, Gambit.

Staring all members of the band and directed by Stray From The Path bassist Anthony Altamura, the band’s fake Gambit trailer (below) might not be Oscar-worthy, but comes as the result of some free time on tour.

Known for cracking wise under pressure and his surgical skills with playing cards, Gambit is a highly under-developed player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Through their raw and clearly R18+ trailer, Northlane have succeeded where everyone else has failed, breathing life into this downtrodden unsung hero AND given him an Australian accent, which we’re not sure anyone asked for, but goddamn does it pop.

“Nic Petterson from Northlane was busting out wild-ass magic tricks, so we decided, since we make stupid fake movie trailers from time to time, we would turn Nic into Gambit from X-Men and create this bullshit video, I love Northlane, my friends are maniacs,” Altamura tells Music Feeds.

Once Northlane wrap up their current European assault, they’ll be setting cause for home soil, where they’ll be tackling a headline set at Unify Gathering 2017. Our bodies and minds are ready.

Watch the band’s mock Gambit trailer, below.

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