‘Orange Is The New Black’ Band Sideboob Have A Real-Life Album

Season two of Netflix’s quirky and original women’s prison drama Orange Is The New Black dropped this weekend for our binge viewing pleasure, and fans who have already managed to devour up at least half the season got a little more insight into the private life of warden assistant Joe Caputo.

This season we learnt that Caputo (played by Nick Sandow) stars in his very own indie rock band Sideboob, rocking the bass guitar and taking on the lead vocals. Featured in the series is the group’s single You Slay Me and the actual band have recorded at least another two songs.

According to Sideboob’s Bandcamp page, the band, “formerly THE ALBERT ROTH PROJECT, formed in a garage five years ago when four friends playing poker were hit with a lightning bolt of rock genius.”

Sideboob, says the page, “takes its influences from a wide variety of sources ranging from classic rock to arena rock.” Apparently, the band’s name originates from “that time Gabe [drummer] wore a tank top to the neighborhood pool and his wife wouldn’t stop commenting on how much Sideboob he was showing.”

Buzzfeed point out that the featured Sideboob songs were actually written by Adopted Highways, a group that “make songs, scores, commercial anthems, music for pictures, and other sonic dreams come true.” Two of that band’s members, Tom Beaujour and Tim Foljahn appear as Sideboob musicians on the show.

Sideboob’s digital album is now available for purchase on the Bandcamp page. The band point out their latest single, Workers in the Mine “is heralded as their best song to date.”

Listen: Sideboob – Workers In The Mine

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