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Could An Original KISS Reunion Be Next?

The recent high-profile reunion of the semi-original Guns N’ Roses lineup is something that most fans thought would never happen. The fact that Slash, Duff and Axl Rose are now performing together on the same stage after a 23-year Civil War feels strange and miraculous, like it should never have happened in this lifetime (hence the band giving their reunion dates the banner of the Not In This Lifetime Tour).

And seeing the iconic bandmates bury the hatchet and reunite in the name of rock n’ roll (and/or the massive paycheck if you’re a cynic) has made KISS fans start to wonder… could the original Gods Of Thunder do the same thing?

Well Ace Frehley, for one, says yes.

Speaking in a recent interview with Backstory, the Spaceman reckons he’s “leaving the door open”.

“I’m the kind of guy that says, ‘Never say never’,” he explained. “I know those guys are always saying I don’t deserve to wear the makeup, and ‘We’ll never work with Ace again.’ But, you know, they said that before the reunion tour in ’96. So who knows?”

And though Ace claims the idea “hasn’t been discussed” yet between the original Knights In Satan’s Service – Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss – the fact that Starchild just collaborated with Ace on his solo album song Fire And Water is a promising sign.

“Who knows what the future will bring?” Space Ace said. But he sure knows something: “If it did happen at some point… it’d be magical if it was handled right.”


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