Over 120 Fans Busted On Drug-Related Charges At Stereosonic Melbourne

More unwelcome news for fans attending Australian music festival Stereosonic, with over 120 Melbourne festival-goers busted by Victorian police in procession of illegal drugs. 9News reports that those caught by police were most commonly carrying ecstasy, while LSD and ice were also found.

Police patrolled inside the Melbourne Showgrounds and positioned sniffer dogs at the festival’s main entrance. Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Pilkington told 9News their main concern was the health of Stereosonic attendees, who risked their well-being by taking illicit substances.

“They’re made by criminals, you’ve got no idea what’s in them, and you’ve got no idea what they’re going to do to you,” said Detective Pilkington.

Pilkington also warned the public that drugs with unknown ingredients could potentially kill, as may have been the case at Sydney’s Habourlife, in November, when a 19-year old woman died of a suspected overdose.

Police added that aside from the 120 drug-related arrests they were quite pleased with the crowd’s behaviour at Stereosonic Melbourne. That’s more than can be said for Stereosonic Sydney when, on Saturday, 29th November, an all-in-brawl broke out between fans at the Sydney Showground.

Amateur footage of the violent outbreak showed various crowd members assaulting each other, with one man being kicked repeatedly in head while laying defenceless on the ground, as security struggled to contain the brawl.

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