Papoose Makes Unscheduled Appearance On Stage At Summer Jam

Summer Jam, the annual hip hop festival held in New Jersey has become big news on twitter not because of its enviable lineup including but thanks to the completely unscheduled appearance of east coast rapper Papoose.

According to Papoose performed a song at Summer Jam after Kendrick Lamar and TDE. Despite having a much smaller fan base than most of the artists that preceded him what made Papoose’s entrance all the more confusing was that the rapper wasn’t scheduled to perform at all.

According to reports later in the evening French Montana was performing with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross when the stage sound was suddenly cut off. The rappers were quick to blame Papoose for the technical mishap with the true cause for the issue yet to be clarified.

Papoose rose to fame in 2005 with his single Alphabetical Slaughter but only released his debut album The Nacirema Dream in March 2013 after it was marred with delays.

(Via AllHipHop)

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