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Paris Hilton’s Debut Album Is Copping A Vinyl Reissue

Paris Hilton has truly lived a thousand lives. But, among the midst of her life as a socialite, an heiress, an entrepreneur and more, it can be easy to forget that, at one point, she tried her hand at pop stardom.

Yes, in 2006 Paris Hilton took the pop world by storm – a mild, shortlived storm – with her debut album Paris. Of course, now Paris is actually a pretty respected DJ now but back in ’06 she was pushing for Britney Spears-level pop glory.

And now, Paris is copping a vinyl reissue as she’s never one to pass on an opportunity to make money. The vinyl is limited edition maroon and blonde marble and, according to Consequence Of Sound, features pictures of Paris from the era and a full page ad of various lines of her watches and handbags. You’re literally paying for, in part, an ad. Genius.

Paris features such classics as ‘Nothing In This World’ and the ~iconic~ ‘Stars Are Blind’, which legitimately peaked at #7 on the ARIA charts.

The Paris reissue hits the web on Friday, 27th March. In the meantime, revisit ‘Stars Are Blind’ below.

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