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Parklife Turning Ten In 2010 – Tour Dates Announced

Written by John Ritchie on May 31, 2010

Update: Parklife 2011 Line Up

The Fuzzy team are excitedly preparing for another epic instalment of Parklife, Australia’s biggest outdoor electronic/indie music event which kick-starts the festival season. An announcement will be made in the next couple of weeks, ending the annual fever of line-up speculation that’s grown out of Parklife’s habit of defining the coming Summer’s soundtrack. Here’s the dates:

Gold Coast – Saturday 25 September
Perth – Sunday 26 September
Melbourne – Saturday 2 October
Sydney – Sunday 3 October
Adelaide – Monday 4 October

Parklife 2010 will be crammed with new artists alongside some you will definitely not be expecting. We’re told they’re very cool and they turn it into one seriously classy tour across the nation, in some of Australia’s most beautiful inner-city parklands.

Here’s what organisers have told us so far:
This is an outdoor music event for people in the know, for clever cats, indie kids, creatives, hipsters, fickle blogsters… basically anyone who appreciates music that is good! Parklife is a portal to what’s musically hot and rad and cool and all of those other words people use to describe things that are great.

Fuzzy Co-Founder and creative guru John Wall is super-excited about what’s to come “This year’s going to be huge… there are some really cool surprises for music lovers across the country. If you think you know Parklife, you’re going to love where we’re taking the line-up this year. It’s not what you expect”.

Fuzzy have a track record for sniffing out tunes and artists across the globe who will define the coming summer. “Year on year we’ve booked Parklife acts ahead of fame and fortune, and they’ve blown-up, just as Aussie music fans see them live for the very first time,” says Ming Gan, Fuzzy Co-Founder and touring svengali, charged with handpicking the artists.

Fuzzy presented Australia with La Roux, Empire of the Sun, Justice, Soulwax, Santigold, Mstrkrft, Erol Alkan and Junior Boys in the past few years alone. ‘We’ve got a really phenomenal mix for this year,” he says.

Expecting to entertain over 140,000 happy people nationally in 2010, Parklife brings together the most satisfying music experience with the best of Australia’s great outdoors – the greenest parks in five of the nation’s capital cities – a combo that equals an unequalled experience. Coupled with Fuzzy’s track record and defining principal “great times, done properly”, Parklife is the premiere music festival for true to the source, passionate music lovers – and the first chance to experience the music, fashion and youth culture that defines Australia’s summer ahead.

“We’re so happy at how far Parklife has come,” says Fuzzy Director and GM Adelle Robinson; “Parklife was the first-ever outdoor event we staged in March 2000 – with just one stage, 3 DJs and about 1000 Sydney-siders. We started out wanting to take electronic music out from the dark smoky clubs and into the sunshine”.

“To see Parklife grow to encompass the most picturesque parks across the nation, and move beyond a ‘dance’ event – bringing to Australia the hottest DJs and bands across pop, indie and electro cultures, demonstrates a vibrant, evolving and sustaining festival we’re incredibly proud of,” she says.

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