Patrick Wolf Calls Pitchfork Media ‘Irrelevant Cu*ts’

UK singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf has lashed out at the crew at Pitchfork Media, tweeting that he’s sick of them always writing stuff about him.

Wolf has even gone as far as to call staffers at the Chicago-based online music outlet ‘irrelevant cu*ts’ since he gets the impression they think HE is a c*nt.

There’s a good chance the tweet came in spite of the website’s review of his brand new album Sundark and Riverlight, which Pitchfork gave a rating of 6.8/10.

The double album – which contains re-worked versions of some of his previous hits to celebrate his 10th anniversary in the industry – didn’t exactly set reviewer Katherine St.Asaph‘s world on fire.

She wrote: “If this is how Wolf’s songs truly look, Sundark and Riverlight is like the thumbnail version: everything compressed, details lost”.

Later on, St. Asaph went as far as to describe some of the changes made to the songs as “just baffling”, and finishes off by saying that some of the arrangements “could be — and have been — so much better”.

Check out Wolf’s tweet below. He also dropped by Music Feeds last month for a chat while he was touring around the country – check that out at the bottom of the page.

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