Patriots Rejoice as Celebration of the Tinny Festival Lands This Australia Day

Other than casual racism, domestic violence and sunburn, there is nothing quite so Australian as drinking beer from a tin. Well, except being racist while beating someone up in the sun and drinking beer from a can of course. But Anzac Day is still a while off.

What is fast approaching however is Australia Day, and in honour of the native people’s of this land being dispossessed by a horde of European convicts, this year The Celebration of the Tin Festival will be paying tribute to our national pastime. Affordable binge drinking.

It’s not all liver damage and ring pulls though, as the festival is also a Hottest 100 party, featuring a broadcast of the countdown in the main bar and beer garden as well as some live music. Headlined by the eloquently named Skegss – the first act signed to the Dune Rats‘ record label Ratbag RecordsThe Pinheads, Maids, Lathams Grip (in the running for best band name of 2016), Split Feed, Wash, The Sufferjets, Raave Tapes, Pals and Los Scallywaggs are all signed on too.

However the real star of the show here is pretty obvious (hint; it’s in the name), with a wide selection of true blue tins on offer for ‘responsible enjoyment’ including VB, Fosters, Carlton and New. So if you want some of that fancy craft beer nonsense you’ll have to suffer the unspeakable horror of not attending.

Still if that isn’t enough to lure you down to the The Small Ballroom in Newcastle, organisers the Tinny Appreciation Society will also be offering a free BBQ, blow up pool (the type with water not balls I assume) and the crowning glory of it all, cockroach racing.

Easy now, not all at once, you can find out more info from the facebook event or visit the Tinny Appreciation Society fan page.

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