Paul McCartney Mistaken For Busker While Playing On Tram

If there were any musician alive today who’d have a legitimate excuse to become a shut-off recluse it’d be Sir Paul McCartney. Being the most prominent surviving member of arguably the most prominent band in rock and roll history, the 70-year-old former member of The Beatles would seemingly be well within his rights to no longer want to deal with the publicity or legions of fans.

But that’s just not Macca’s style. Instead, he continues to play music and excite music lovers everywhere. In his latest exploit, the songwriter saw fit to board a New Orleans tram and entertain passengers with some classic Beatles tunes.

Amusingly, as reported by The Music Network, passengers at first mistook McCartney as an average busker scrounging for a couple of bucks. Gobsmacked witness Robert Senft explained that at first everyone just tried to ignore the Beatles-covering minstrel-in-transit.

“This guy got on the street car and started singing Beatles songs. Everyone was just ignoring him really because there are a lot of buskers in this town,” Senft recalled. “[Then] we realised it was Sir Paul McCartney and we were just in shock. He started singing along with the whole carriage and taking pictures. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of the best days of my life.”

Reportedly, McCartney’s commute began with A Hard Day’s Night and then moved through a medley of Beatles hits. McCartney had been in New Orleans for the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras.

Some legends live off a reputation, while some constantly redefine their legacy. Hats off and passed around for you, Sir Paul.

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