Martin Shkreli
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‘Pharma-Bro’ Martin Shkreli Loose In Society Again After Copping Early Prison Release

The guy with arguably the most punchable face in the world, Martin Shkreli, is back out on the streets after scoring an early release from prison.

The so-called “pharma-bro”, who infamously bought the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan‘s seventh studio album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for US $2 million, was sentenced to seven years hard time for cheating investors in his drug company.

But, as The New Daily reports, Shkreli has been released about 18 months earlier than scheduled and is currently residing in a halfway house overseen by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

As well as buying up Wu-Tang‘s one-off copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, Shkreli’s status as a universally acknowledged fuckstick came after his company jacked up the price of the drug Daraprim. The HIV/AIDS medication which went from $13.50 a tablet to $750 – a $75,000 cost for a course of treatment.

This was two years prior to his 2017 conviction for lying to investors about the performance of two hedge funds he ran, skimming money for himself from those funds, and defrauding investors in the drug company he owned by hiding his ownership of some of its stock.

He was also ordered to forfeit $US 7.3 million as part of his sentence, including the Wu-Tang LP, which has since been sold off by the US government to an undisclosed buyer.

Interestingly, Shkreli wasn’t the only notorious con-artist to walk free from prison this week. Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland was also granted early release.

At least we can all rest easy in the knowledge that the pharma-douche still has a life ban from the pharmaceutical industry.

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