Pharrell Williams Has His Own Creepy & Expensive AF Action Figure

In what is probably his most Pharrell move in recent memory, Pharrell Williams has pulled back the sheet on his latest project – his very own action figure, complete with that silly hat.

The action figure was designed by Japanese company Medicom…which explains why the figure is so lifelike it’s creepy. It truly looks as though there’s a glimmer in its eye while it plots its next forward thinking musical / technological collaboration.

It also kind of explains the price tag. The toy will set you back 24,800 yen which is about AU$310. So for the price of an average week’s wage in Sydney’s inner west you can stare at your own Pharrell all day, and put his hands in the praying position while you style him with the plethora of bracelets that come included.

Oh and the figure comes complete with a microphone and a carabiner, too.

However, as Pitckfork point out, that’s a steal compared to the limited-edition miniature Pharrell sculptures, which went for a cool $20,000 each at last year’s Art Basel show in Hong Kong.

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