Pink And Dallas Green Help Make Sense Of You+Me

For those of you who felt a little blindsided by the news that Dallas Green of City And Colour and Alecia Moore, best known as the pop queen Pink, had formed an acoustic folk duo called You+Me, the two have come to the rescue. In a new promotional clip, the two effectively go about explaining themselves.

“My dear Dallas and I have been friends for many years and we’ve toured together,” Pink explains in the video (see below). “We met through a mutual friend. He has the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard in my life and I thought, ‘Huh, maybe one day if I get good enough, he’d sing with me’. So I asked him.”

After admitting that Pink’s account is “partially true”, Green recounts how he headed for California, anticipating a simple jam session. “I thought that I was just gonna come over to your house and we’d play guitar and see if we could do something. But you were like, ‘Oh, I’ve got a studio rented, just in case.'”

“That was a good idea, because we made a record,” Green concedes. “The first day, we were like, ‘Let’s just go drop off your guitar and you can just see the spot. Just see if we like it, whatever, then we’ll just go drink,'” adds Pink. “And that night… we wrote and recorded one and wrote and started another.”

According to the duo, the first night they got together they completed A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues), the second track on their forthcoming debut album as You+Me, Rose Ave., currently slated for a Stateside release on 14th October, and started on Gently. “It just was seamless, it was very organic,” said Pink.

Despite their disparate working habits — “Dallas had never written a song with another person, he usually writes by himself, and I only write with other people” — and the natural challenges of finding two cohesive voices, Green insists, “It doesn’t sound like me featuring or you featuring me, it sounds like us.”

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Rose Ave. Tracklisting

1. Capsized

2. From A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues)

3. Gently

4. Love Gone Wrong

5. You and Me

6. Unbeliever

7. Second Guess

8. Break the Cycle

9. Open Door

10. No Ordinary Love

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