Pixies: ‘Kim Deal Is Irreplaceable’

Pixies drummer David Lovering has offered some insight into the recent changes in the band’s lineup, not only describing their former bassist Kim Deal as irreplaceable, but shedding some light on the addition of new member Paz Lenchantin and her contributions to the legendary outfit.

“Oh it’s wonderful!” Lovering told Alternative Nation. “Of course, no one will replace Kim, it’s impossible to do that. But we hired Kim Shattuck, she was hired to do the European tour, and now we’ve got [Lenchantin] who’s going to work with us straight into the new year of 2014 coming up.”

“It’s been fantastic,” Lovering continued, adding, “It’s a fun experience and it makes it interesting! It’s different for me, because I’ve played for, oh gosh, a number of years with Kim, so it’s interesting to perform with new bass players. It keeps me on my toes I’ll say that.”

Lovering praised former A Perfect Circle bassist Lenchantin’s musicianship and revealed that she may be bringing more than just her bass chops to the table. “There’s an old song we performed for many years called In Heaven that we recorded on our demo tape back in March of ’87. We were just thinking like, ‘Wow, this would be a good song for Paz to play violin on,'” he explained.

Regarding recently departed bassist Kim Shattuck, formerly of The Muffs, who recently made comments saying that she was fired for being “overly enthusiastic,” the drummer cryptically stated, “As a gentleman, I’ll say it was unprofessional. It was coming from a different place.”

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