Pixies Say Kim Deal Is Welcome To Rejoin And Hint At New EP

Pixies drummer Dave Lovering has revealed that there is no bad blood between former bassist Kim Deal, who quit the band earlier this year, and the rest of the members, and that there is an open door for her should she choose to return. The band has also hinted at a sequel to this year’s EP1.

“We left it open,” Lovering told NME. “It was sad and tough when she left, but we wish her well and she has a welcome back if she’d like to. When she said she was leaving it was distressing and there was a lot of panic and we were like, ‘What are we going to do?'”

“We thought the correct thing is to go forward. So we did,” the drummer added. The band have since released an EP of new music, their first collection of new material in 22 years, and have been touring with Kim Shattuck, formerly of The Muffs and The Pandoras, taking over bass duties.

The band recently opened up about the egress of the band’s most iconic member, telling Rolling Stone “We were at a little coffee shop near the studio. Kim walked in at some point and said, ‘I’m flying home tomorrow.’ She quit the band. It was an awkward moment.”

The band also implied that there will be a follow-up to EP1, unveiled back in September, with guitarist Joey Santiago saying “There’s definitely EP2, but the rest is a secret.” Lovering indicated that the sequel EP would revive some of the band’s punkier edge.

(Via NME)

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