Pizza Hut And Home Depot Dispute Ripping Off The Black Keys

In a David and Goliath style battle, The Black Keys have taken on super corporate entities Pizza Hut and Home Depot after it is alleged that both companies illegally used music too similar to original work from the band. Lawyers representing the ‘Goliath’ part of the equation have denied any wrongdoing.

So while the Home Depot ad, which apparently draws many similarities to the track Lonely Boys, is a bit of a myth online, we’ve managed to get a hold of the Pizza Hut ad and Gold on the Ceiling. The songs seem a bit too similar for it to be a coincidence. Both companies have issued statements and have publicly “denied the band’s allegations in court documents filed Thursday and Friday in Los Angeles,” or so says Billboard.

The whole dilemma was kicked up back in June by the band, who have since continued their crusade to have the plug pulled on ads, so far to no avail. Lawyers acting on behalf of the band and producer Danger Mouse have labelled the unauthorised communication of material as “a brazen and improper effort to capitalise on [the] plaintiffs’ hard-earned success”.

Compare the two below; what do you think? Did they snake the riff or is that just the non-threatening minimal music they write for ads?

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