Police Arrested A Man For Playing Music Out Of A Van With 80 Speakers Installed In It

Most will know that with an okay sound system in your car you can get some pretty good volume, but an NYC man went far beyond that installing 80 speakers in his van for a cost of $20,000 and the police aren’t pleased with the earth-shattering volume it produced.

During a Mets baseball game in NYC this week, the 47 year-old man named Nelson Hidalgo parked his van just outside the stadium and pumped music that was apparently so loud it was heard in the bullpen of the stadium and the police were called.

Unsurprisingly by the time the cops arrived, Hidalgo had already cracked a beer and was enjoying the music with a sizeable crowd that had been drawn to the van. Unfortunately they weren’t into the spontaneous block party, arresting and charging him with second-degree criminal nuisance, general noise prohibition, disorderly conduct, and obstructing the driver’s view.

Hildago’s response to the arrest was exactly what you’d expect from a man who’d installed 80 speakers.

“I know it’s illegal, but it’s the weekend,” he told the police as reported by AM New York, which is the sort of motto that sells a bucketload of t-shirts. Thank us later for the idea.

This isn’t the first time he’s been caught by the sounds of it which should come as a surprise to no one. Apparently the other times he just copped a ticket or a small fine and sometimes they’ve even let him go. It probably depends how down to party the policeman is.

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