Police Warn Listen Out Festival-Goers Of “Covert” Patrols This Weekend

New South Wales Police have urged attendees of tomorrow’s Listen Out festival in Sydney to party safely, warning that there will be a “covert” police presence at Centennial Parklands for the event, which over 25,000 people are expected to attend.

Following last week’s Perth leg of Listen Out, where around 200 punters without tickets attempted to jump fences to gain entry into the festival, organisers told Music Feeds that security and police will be “on high alert” for fence jumpers at the remaining Listen Out events in Sydney and Brisbane this weekend.

In a statement today, NSW Police say there will be “covert” patrols throughout the day in Sydney, in order to prevent illegal drug-taking, BYO alcohol and fence-jumping.

“A significant contingent of overt and covert police will be patrolling the festival, including drug-detection dogs, so I urge everyone to behave responsibility and enjoy the event safely,” says Operation Commander, Superintendent Karen McCarthy.

“Those who try to bring illegal drugs into the festival can expect to be caught and dealt with swiftly by police.

“This is a fully licensed event, so no BYO will be allowed. There will be plenty of bars to buy drinks inside the venue so we will confiscate all alcohol outside the gates.”

Supt McCarthy has also advised that in addition to covert patrols, there will be a strong police present at perimeter gates. “Any ‘fence-jumpers’ who are planning to gain access to the event without a ticket are warned that officers will be present at perimeter gates to ensure their security,” she says.

“Those who choose to do the wrong thing or behave unlawfully will be intercepted by police and dealt with appropriately. Do the right thing and purchase a ticket ahead of time.”

Police has also advised punters to drink plenty of water and seek medical assistance if they’re feeling unwell.

Catch video of fence-jumpers at Listen Out’s 2016 Perth leg, below, alongside the festival’s remaining dates.

Watch: Footage Of Fence-Jumpers At Listen Out Perth 2016

Listen Out 2016

Saturday, 1st October

Centennial Park, Sydney

Tickets: Sold Out

Sunday, 2nd October

Victoria Park, Brisbane

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