Porches New Single ' Itch'
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Porches Shares New Single “Itch”

Porches released a new single titled “Itch” which is the latest preview of his upcoming sixth Studio album Shirt, which is to be released on 13th September. The track “Itch” is a heavy rock metallic track which is bloated with desire, repulsion and bumptiousness. 

“Itch” is released along with a video which features the ‘Porches’ live band. Nick Harwood has directed it and Ben Carey is the director of photography for the video. 

Porches – ‘Itch’

Porches decided to release “Itch” post their previously released singles. One of them was titled “Joker”, and Uproxx said the following about the track “as pop-forward as his most well-known material. This time, however, guitars are more in focus, complementing his… unmistakable vocals with aplomb” while the other’s name is “Rag.” “Unsettling and groovy and seductive and rowdy” – said Stereogum about the song. 

“Shirt” is Porches’ heaviest Metallica album as of today. Some amazing hormonal rock songs collide together with emotional ballads and create a compelling tension that gets the listeners all crazy. 

The album “Shirt” is about the climaxes and also about the balance required to maintain life’s various memorable moments which talks about the celebration of not just the first kiss but also the immense anxiety and tension that surrounds that moment and also the feeling that stays further. 

Shirt’ Tracklisting:

1. Return Of The Goat 

2. Sally 

3. Bread Believer 

4. Precious 

5. Rag 

6. School 

7. Itch 

8. Joker 

9. Crying At The End 

10. Voices In My Head 

11. USA 

12. Music

You can pre-save the album ‘Shirt’ here.

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