Pozible Will “Definitely Not” Allow Legion To Shift Pledges Again Should 2017 Campaign Fail

UPDATE 02/11/16: Legion Festival 2017 has been cancelled.

ORIGINAL STORY:Pozible will ‘definitely not’ allow Legion Festival to shift their pledges again should the 2017 campaign not reach it’s target Music Feeds has learned today.

Having already moved their pledges from the now cancelled 2016 event’s pozible campaign to the new one set up for the re-scheduled 2017 event, the Legion team will have to bring it across the line this time or else start from scratch with a new event.

Speaking to Music Feeds, pozible’s General Manager for Singapore and Malaysia Claire Merquita told us they “never extend a campaign just to help it meets its target.” Instead the choice to allow Legion to shift their pledges was made over “whether it would best serve the supporters to make them each have to repledge, or allow them to transfer their pledge over if they wanted to,” she told us.

“Since the update to that effect was published yesterday, we had less than 5 cancellations to pledges, which tells us we made the right call. Supporters are also free to cancel their pledge at any time up until the target is reached – no money at all has changed hands.”

In the end it was the fans that made all the difference, with Merquita citing the the festival’s supporters when explaining the decision.

“When Legion asked if we could extend the campaign, we said no, and encouraged them to instead start a new one,” she said. “The conditions of the campaign had changed drastically – the event they had asked people to pledge to was now delayed by almost a year.

“At the same time, they had 1300 supporters who had made it very clear to us that they were determined to make this happen.”

Still, whether or not the new campaign succeeds where the previous one failed is unlikely to slow down Sankey, as he told us earlier today that he and the organisers “would look at all the options if we didn’t reach that goal.”

You can listen to our full interview with Sankey here below.

[mfvideo yt= sb=1597161]

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