PREMIERE: Big Sky Mountain Release Pop Country Singalong ‘The Great Escape’

Sydney Americana septet Big Sky Mountain will release their new single ‘The Great Escape’ this Friday, 11th February. We’re premiering it here on Music Feeds.

Big Sky Mountain features seven women who combine in the creation of a tapestry of vocal harmonies. In their own words, their music is “chaotic, earthy, and real.” ‘The Great Escape’ builds on the Americana sound of the group’s 2019 LP, All Our Minutes, injecting a healthy dose of pop melody.

Big Sky Mountain cite All Our Exes Live In Texas, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Norah Jones and I’m With Her as influences. As a result, the harmonic breadth of ‘The Great Escape’ is a deviation from country music convention.

The Big Sky Mountain lineup is made up of Dominique Douglas – vocals; Minnie Ryan – trumpet, vocals; Viviana Viteri – acoustic guitar, vocals; Gabby Dinallo – keyboard, vocals; Sharon Jakovsky – electric guitar; Rachel Aracan – bass; Kelly Staines – drums.

‘The Great Escape’ was produced and mixed by Jackson Barclay (J-Wiz), who’s previously worked with Vera Blue and The McClymonts. Drummer Kelly Staines wrote the track, which was recorded at The Grove and A Sharp studios in August 2020.

Big Sky Mountain will embark on a tour of regional NSW in April, taking in Tamworth Country Music Festival and the National Folk Festival, Canberra. Listen to ‘The Great Escape’ below.

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