PREMIERE: Jordan Laser Goes Full Film Noir For Her New Video ‘Battleship’

Sydney singer-songwriter Jordan Laser has re-emerged from the mist and ready to steer straight into the abyss with her ethereal new single ‘Battleship’.

Laser’s ominous and spellbinding voice floats over a smoky jazz melody, glistening with elements of Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Lana Del Rey.

Alongside the single, Laser has unveiled a music video – directed by Pete Majarich – that would’ve been right at home in the darkness and mystery of 1940’s Hollywood film noir.

“‘Battleship’ is about both disillusionment and acceptance,” said Laser of the song in a press statement.

“On the one hand, the fantasy of who you wanted someone to be has caught up with the reality of who they really are and that’s an incredibly painful realisation. On the other hand, you’re accepting your fate…you’ve chosen this and so there’s some part of you that is coming into a state of grace about that.”

“I was feeling pretty lost and lovelorn when I wrote it,” she continued You want a rescue squad, but then you realise that no one is coming. Or maybe the person who is coming isn’t a very good swimmer. Either way you’re on your own, falling back onto yourself.”

Watch the video for ‘Battleship’ below.

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