PREMIERE: Meredith – ‘Jumpin Beds’ Video

Brisbane artist Meredith has been steadily establishing a name for herself in the alternative pop world. She effortlessly fuses lo-fi indie production with heartfelt folk-infused lyricism, a skill highly evident in her track Jumpin Beds, the video for which we’re premiering today.

Directed by filmmaker Danny McShane and edited by Pip Sugden, the clip was shot in Brisbane’s industrial and urban nooks, creating a sterile and isolating picture that is reflective, says Meredith, of the life she was living when the song was written.

“The inspiration from the clip came from the story in the lyrics, depicting a transitioning stage in my life where I was constantly packing up a bag and heading to different homes. I didn’t have my own house and nowhere really felt like home – it seemed like I was living in a constant state of change.”

To create the sense of impermanence and transience, the filmmakers took up in an old warehouse in Brisbane’s CBD, filling it with both Meredith’s and her friends’ belongings. “It was a lot of fun to film, record and write and it’s cool to have a little memory of my life at the time – in film form,” she adds.

Meredith says her musical journey began in 2010 when she decided she dedicate herself to writing and singing. She then travelled and lived in many Australian and Asian cities, before returning to her Brisbane home. All of these experiences, she says, lend themselves directly to her music.

For a further glimpse into Meredith’s world, see the video for Jumpin Beds below.

Watch: Meredith – Jumpin Beds

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