PREMIERE: Mosman Alder – ‘Colours’

Brissie six-piece Mosman Alder are today revealing the latest music video off their acclaimed debut album Humdrum Star, and Music Feeds is stoked to have the premiere of Colours for you right here!

Taking to the unforgiving heat of the Aussie outback (with the crew apparently battling their handful of snakes along the way), the new clip follows a solitary girl losing herself to the wilderness and features some truly stunning landscapes and visuals.

Talking of the intent of the clip, directer Michaela Holmes says “I wanted to really create and emphasise this feeling of loneliness. I think the landscape was very important for that, having no other signs that anybody else was around – the character was completely on her own. When you’re alone for such a long period of time, I think the things around you can sometimes become very distorted.”

The shoot wasn’t without its hurdles apparently, with Holmes telling us “For one thing, it was ridiculously hot – it had just gotten on midday and I had her [star Alex Dolan] in this leather outfit. And secondly, we had just climbed up a mountain, and the next thing I asked her to do was dance. We all slept pretty well when we finished the shoot, that’s for sure.”

Check out the new video below. Humdrum Star is available now via Dew Process/Universal Music Australia and you can grab a copy here.

Watch: Mosman Alder – Colours

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