PREMIERE: Simpsons’ Classics ‘Jazzman’ & ‘Señor Burns’ Get Pop Punk Makeovers Ft. Otto From Sleepmakeswaves & Scott Connor

The illustrious Dan Cribb is continuing his noble quest to pop-punkify every iconic Simpsons tune there is, dropping another two cromulent covers into our hot little four-fingered hands today.

This time, he’s taken on Bleeding Gums Murphy’s legendary ‘Jazzman’ with a little help from Sleepmakeswaves’ appropriately named guitarist, Otto.

The other Springfield ditty to get Cribb’s Worst. Tribute. Ever treatment is the latin-infused ‘Señor Burns’, which was actually nominated for an Emmy after appearing in the seminal Who Shot Mr. Burns? double episode.

The Perth pop-punk teams up with his bandmate in The Isolated, Scott Connor — who previously appeared on his rendition of ‘Oh, Streetcar!’ — on the tune made famous by Tito Puente and his Latin Jazz Ensemble.

ICYMI: You may remember Dan Cribb from other such high-paced bar-chord banger covers as ‘The Garbage Man Can’ featuring Jen from Ball Park Music, ‘Baby On Board’ ‘Dr. Zaius/Chimpan-A To Chimpan-Z’ featuring Grenadiers’ Jesse Coulter, ‘Flaming Moes’ featuring Alex Lahey, the ‘Scorpio’ theme featuring Luca Brasi’s Tyler Richardson, ‘You’re Checkin’ In’ featuring Jeremy Neale, ‘Union Strike Folk Song’ featuring Polish Club and more.

Catch ‘Jazzman’ and ‘Señor Burns’ premiering exclusively via Music Feeds, below.

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