PREMIERE: Velociraptor Unveil ‘Ramona’ Music Video

Upon the release of Velociraptor‘s self-titled debut EP, we were introduced to Suzanne via the record’s lead single, before The World Warriors mini-LP introduced us to Cynthia. Now, the release of the band’s new full-length will continue the trend into a new era with the lead single Ramona.

Much has changed for Velociraptor in the last year and a half, having lost three of their original members to the swollen black skies of Great Britain during a European sojourn. Meanwhile, another member was lost, according to the band, “in a haze of mystery” and hasn’t been heard from since.

Missing bandmates notwithstanding, Velociraptor have persevered by recruiting pals George Browning and Yuri Johnson, bringing the total number of band members to a solid 10, when Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley aren’t on the road as DZ Deathrays. Check the Ramona clip below.

Watch: Velociraptor – Ramona

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