Prince Rama To Release ‘Now-Age Psych Opera’

New York psychedelic rock band Prince Rama are planning to release what they are describing as a ‘Now-Age Psych Opera’.

Titled Prince Rama and The Scorpion Tornado, the musical project is expected to be around 25 minutes long and feature “a glittery, bloody bonanza of our dreams…a movie that will blow your third eye open with Bollywood dance numbers, outrageous costumes, and monstrous sets,” according to the 405.

To help cover the costs of putting the whole thing together, the duo have begun a campaign on their Kickstarter account – aiming to raise around $15,000 by September 8. They’re currently sitting on around $2000.

If that wasn’t enough, the band are also planning to release a new full-length album. Titled Top Ten Hits of the End of the World, the album will be out on November 5 and is a follow-up to last year’s album, Trust Now.

Prince Rama are sisters – Taraka & Nimai Larson – who were originally raised on a Hare Chrisna commune in Florida. They’ve released four albums since forming in 2007.

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