Pulp Top BBC’s ‘Greatest Britpop Anthems’ Poll

Over 30,000 BBC Radio 6 listeners have voted on their favourite Britpop anthems in a poll launched by DJ Steve Lamacq, with some of the genre’s most enduring names making the final top 10, which was helmed by Pulp‘s 1995 single Common People from their classic 1995 album Different Class.

As The Telegraph writes, the poll was launched as part of the BBC’s ‘Britpop at the BBC’ celebrations, which mark 20 years since the movement’s heyday. Lamacq announced the top 30 during his Friday-night show, which included such names as Elastica, Shed 7, and Radiohead.

Common People beat out tracks including Blur‘s Parklife, OasisDon’t Look Back In Anger, and The Verve‘s Bittersweet Symphony to take the title of favourite Britpop track. “I’m really pleased Common People has won 6 Music’s Favourite Britpop Anthem vote. It is one of the defining records of Britpop because it seemed to embrace the essence of the time so perfectly,” said Lamacq.

“It was a big, bold anthem, but with a great narrative. And it seemed to sum up a feeling of ‘us and them’, as if to illustrate how the indie mavericks had taken on the pop stars and for once they’d won,” he added. The track’s autobiographical lyrics were written by Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker.

Back in December, UK singer Lily Allen spoke fondly of “the days of Britpop,” saying, “things felt authentic and anarchic, and people were taking drugs and having a lot of fun and having sex with each other and it wasn’t fake, it was real.” She said today’s pop world is full of “Botoxed idiots.”

Readers can view the full Top 10 list in the gallery below.

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