Punter Climbs Kanye’s Flying ‘Pablo’ Stage, Swiftly Gets Brought Back Down To Earth

An overly excited fan has gotten his moment in the spotlight at a Kanye West show, deciding to climb up the rapper’s floating stage.

ICYMI: The latest visual addition to Kanye West’s live show on his ‘Saint Pablo’ tour is a massive, floating, God complex-enabling stage; elevated several feel above the heads of the front row audience members.

Perhaps inevitably, a punter decided to try his hand at scaling the thing – and thanks to a boost from his mates, actually managed to get his hand up within spitting distance of Yeezy.

The guy makes it up while Kanye is performing Power, and gets his noggin just high enough to see the man himself. West is having absolutely none of it though – and he gives the climber an aggressive and unmistakable GTFO gesture.

Our adventurous friend immediately freaks out and lets go of the stage, falling back into the crowd. Check out a couple of clips of the incident, below.

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