Purple Sneakers: Ballarat Gets a new Monthly Night!

Dear Friends (in particular those who reside in Ballarat),

Purple Sneakers is making movie nights all grown up!

Bringing your favourite flicks to Ballarat, we’ll be swapping soft drinks for shots, popcorn for dirty pashes and giving a whole new meaning to sleeping over at a friend’s house.

Launching on Saturday 28th May, we’ll be taking over Karova Lounge on the last Saturday of every month with smashing line ups, dirty tunes and all things cult classic!

You get the point so without further rambling we’re pleased to announce…

COOL RUNNINGS! Yes sir, we’re kicking off proceedings with the greatest movie of all time.

Coming down to help celebrate will be the master of Melbourne AJAX (SWEAT IT OUT), DEACON ROSE (TRIPLE J), PhDJ (Purple Sneakers DJs) and the wonderful Indian Summer DJs!

We’ll be decking Karova out to look all kinds of Jamaican and we’ll shout you an ice cream when you get there!

Save some cashola and come down dressed tropicana to receive a sweet present and get in for $12!  Otherwise it’s $15

Ya dead mun,

Purple Sneakers

Venue: Karova Lounge, 15 Field St, Ballarat

Date: Saturday 28th May 2011

Time: 8.30pm till late

Cost: $15/$12 (if you come down dressed tropicana)

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