Purple Sneakers This Week: 14th August 2009

We recently received an email from a disgruntled punter and I wanted to share it with you all:-

Dear Purple Sneakers,

My name is Heather and I am in desperate need of your help. Can you guys please, please, PLEASE stop being so awesome. You are ruining my life. Seriously, all I want to do is go home after work on a Friday night but unfortunately I have to walk past the Abercrombie Hotel to get there and as soon as I hear the rad music getting played in there I can’t help but walk in. My Saturday hangovers are now getting so bad that I am contemplating moving to the Himalayas and becoming a monk. Maybe you should consider playing more Lady Gaga and Metro Station. That way I will definitely not want to come in and my life will be saved from your awesomeness.

Well Heather we are truly sorry for being so rad and ruining your life. We would however suggest stopping by for one last dance this Friday before you head off to the Himalayas because we have a f*#king SWEET line-up for you!!

We basically have all of Sydney’s best indie party starters playing and they are ready to make you dance until you puke. We’ve rounded up THRISTY DEDDS, NIC YORKE, TOKI DOKI, MY GOODNESS! and the newest addition to the Purple Sneakers family, THE LOST BOYS. They’ll be supported by KILL THE LANDLORD and Purple Sneakers DJ BEN LUCID.

This week we are very excited to be launching DAPPLED CITIES brand new album ‘Zounds’ thanks to the folk at Speak ‘n’ Spell. Check the website – http://www.boundarysounds.com for giveaways!

Don’t Forget Purple Sneakers Happy hour is from 7pm – 9pm every Friday! $10 Jugs of Coopers Lager and $3 glasses of Champagne.

7pm till waaaay late! $10

Check out the awesome Purple Sneakers Mini-site here on Music Feeds: http://musicfeeds.com.au/purplesneakers

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