Pyramid Rock Festival 2011/2012 – Bertie Blackman Cancels Appearance

Due to ongoing commitments recording her fourth album, Bertie Blackman has had to cancel her appearance at the upcoming Pyramid Rock Festival 2011/2012. Bertie says she is very sorry to have to pull out of the festival, but “isn’t ready” to take her new band and songs to the live arena.

“I have been putting my soul into this new album furiously since the beginning of the year,” she says.

“The little beast has taken us on a journey much further in/out of time than was first thought. I want the first performance of this material to be startling, powerful and magical. Unfortunately, we are still in the depths of her heart and I feel it’s too early to reveal her thoughts, stories and howls.”

Pyramid Rock Festival’s final announcement was revealed earlier today, and now includes Melbourne’s own powerhouse renegades Blue King Brown, who will play a New Year’s Eve set, along with other acts added such as Nick Thayer, Light Year, Dj Cecille, Westernsynthetics, Marcus Ryan and Monty Franklin.

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