Queensland Guitar Shop Reportedly Backs Down After Being Slammed For “No Mask” Policy

A Queensland guitar shop has been slammed after appearing to ban the wearing of masks at its store.

The policy appears to have been in place at Guitar Exchange – located in the town of Morayfield – for at least a few months, with a one-star Google review of the shop from back in September showing a photo of a sign out the front of its door which says no masks are permitted in the store.

“Your body makes particles when you are healing. They are not contagious,” the sign erroneously claims. “If you are fragile and believe you need to wear a mask, do not enter.” The Guitar Exchange logo is also shown.

“Clearly none of you have a science degree to be advertising this,” the user who left the review wrote. “What an absolute joke of a shop.”

As Pedestrian reports, After a photo of the sign was widely shared on Twitter earlier this week, Guitar Exchange has since been slammed for promoting misinformation, with some calling for a boycott of the store.

Over 1,100 people have commented on the store’s most recent Facebook post, with the majority of comments criticising Guitar Exchange for the policy. People have also been leaving one-star reviews of the store on Google.

It now appears the shop has walked back its policy. According to 7 News, the sign has since been taken down and replaced with another that encourages COVID-safe protocol – asking customers not to enter the store if they show symptoms and offering hand sanitiser at the front counter.

Wearing a mask is not currently enforced by the Queensland government, due to the low level of community transmission in the state. However, it is recommended in certain situations where social distancing cannot be followed.

“We understand there are situations where you may not be able to maintain social distancing. Keep a mask with you, so that if you get into one of those situations, you have some added protection,” the QLD Health website reads.

“When attending a big event or travelling on public transport we strongly recommend you wear a mask especially when entering, exiting or moving through areas where lots of people are gathered.”

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