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R. Kelly Deletes Post About Upcoming Australian Tour

That didn’t take very long.

In case you missed it, alleged sexual abuser R. Kelly announced an upcoming Australian tour yesterday on Twitter, much to the dismay of pretty much everyone.

But now, to the surprise of few, Kelly has deleted the tweet announcing said tour. Seeing as the announcement didn’t have any dates or venues – just “coming soon” – it’s hard to know whether any venues were even booked for the tour.

However, despite the deleting of the announcement, outrage has spread far and wide across the Internet about the tour. In fact, a woman by the name of Tarni Jarrett started a petition titled ‘KEEP R. KELLY OUT OF AUSTRALIA #MUTERKELLY’.

“In the wake of a Lifetime documentary “Suriving R-Kelly” in which multiple women, including his ex-wife, made on-camera allegations of emotional, sexual and physical abuse we need to let David Coleman, Minister for Immigration and Border Control that we don’t want R-Kelly here!” the petition reads.

If Coleman obliged with the protest’s wishes, Australia wouldn’t be the first place to not welcome R. Kelly. Last week, the entire US city of Philadelphia effectively banned the artist, with councilwoman Helen Gym saying “I believe that R. Kelly and predators like him should be shamed and banished from the public sphere.”

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