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R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Has Spoken In Detail About Abuse Allegations In A New Interview

Content warning: this article discusses sexual assault, mental health and suicide.

R. Kelly‘s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, has given new details about the abuse she accused the singer of earlier this year in a new, emotional interview, ABC News reports.

The two were married between 1996 and 2009, and Andrea, while appearing on The View, alleges that, in that time, Kelly assaulted her multiple times.

One incident she details occurred in the back of a Hummer, where Kelly alleges that he pulled her left arm behind her back and dug his forearm into her neck.

“I said, ‘Robert, you’re going to kill me. I can’t breathe,'” she said. “I just thought, ‘Oh, my God. I’m going to die in the back of this Hummer.'”

In another incident, she explains that he allegedly tied her up following an argument.

“He had his knee in my back and he took both of my arms around me, tied them and then attached my legs to my arms,” she said.

“He hogtied me and left me on the side of the bed and he actually fell asleep, and that’s the only way I got away.”

Following that incident, Andrea discusses a suicide attempt that eventually led her to filing for a divorce.

After the multiple allegations surfaced from multiple women about R. Kelly, Andrea said she was inspired to come out and tell her story.

“You cannot not speak when someone’s life and what they’ve been through is parallel to yours,” she said.

“I wanted to bring validity to these women’s stories. So much of it falls on deaf ears and no one believes them. I was like, ‘If no one else is going to speak up for her, if no one else is going to believe her, at least she knows that I do.'”

R. Kelly has strongly denied all the allegations, even addressing them in a song called ‘I Admit.’

You can watch clips of Andrea Kelly’s interview below.

If you need assistance, 1800 RESPECT – the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service — can be reached on 1800 737 732.

For help or information regarding mental health, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

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