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Rapper Bow Wow Has Been Chilling, Making Music Videos At Auburn Deputy Mayor’s Mansion

Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer offering up his personal mansion to Bow Wow to film a music video is actually a thing that has happened.

Legitimately. We couldn’t make this shit up.

As The Australian reports, Councillor Mehajer’s Lidcombe estate will serve as the backdrop for the rapper’s latest single, Too Real, which features the no-longer-Lil Bow Wow spitting rhymes on the Western Sydney polly’s fully backlit marble staircase while a gaggle of curvaceous, scantily clad babes gyrate sexily in the background.


The clip for the song, a collaboration with Aussie hip hop and RnBass producer DJ Willi, also features Bow Wow cruising round the Opera House at the wheel of Councillor Mehajer’s white Ferrari.

So how in the name of Bow-Wow-Wow-Yippee-Yo-Yippee-Yay was an unholy alliance such as this forged?

“We wanted to get an exotic car into the video and he (Mehajer) offered and asked if we wanted to come to the house and use it for the clip too,” DJ Willi has confirmed to The Aus.

It seems to us that Salim is possibly gunning to be the new Kanye of Western Sydney. After all, the Bow Wow revelation comes just one day after the controversial former Mayor announced his Prime Ministerial aspirations. #SalimShady2020?

On the plus side, Bow Wow seems pretty chuffed with the fruits of his collaboration with Australia’s future PM. On the subject of the music video, which includes crowd shots of multiple Sydney babes – though not, apparently, the new Mrs Mehajer, Bow Wow proclaimed: “All my fans are gonna love this shit.”

Listen: Dj Willi ft. Bow Wow – Too Real

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