Rapper Tim Dog Wanted For Faking Own Death

In February of this year, OG rapper Tim Dog reportedly died due to complications with diabetes. That may not seem as thug-like as the alleged death of Tupac, but the two stories are starting to look a little similar with allegations that Dog, real name Timothy Blair, isn’t actually dead.

A Mississippi prosecutor has issued a warrant for the rapper’s arrest after his departure began to look a little suspicious. It’s believed that no official death certificate can be found in Blair’s name and, adding to suspicion, a private investigator has apparently tracked down an active address for the guy.

Furthermore, fellow rapper Cedric “Ced-Gee” Miller has told WREG that he doesn’t believe the funeral ever went ahead.

It’s been said that, prior to his death, Blair was accused of stealing money from a woman he met through an online dating service to the tune of $32,000. This seemed to be a bit of a bad habit for the Fuck Compton rapper, who racked up a total of $2 million from similar online scams.

“I believe he was so angry that he had to pay me back,” Esther Pilgrim, one of those scammed by Dog has told reporters. “This is amusing to him.”

No doubt he’s kicking back with Elvis, Tupac and Alf in a super-pimped out bunker in Area 51.

(Via Complex)

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