Record Label Taking Legal Action Over Leaked ‘Suicide Squad’ Song

It appears an as-yet-identified Reddit user has cooked it massively, with US powerhouse label Atlantic Records reportedly taking legal action against whoever leaked Twenty One Pilots‘ latest track and Suicide Squad: The Album contribution Heathens well ahead of its scheduled release date.

Searching for a needle in a haystack has been made much easier by the fact that the advanced streams of the track were sent out to a very small sample group from within the band’s label, including the band’s direct camp and a handful of label execs.

According to TMZ, the mole could hardly contain themselves, with the track appearing online literally the next day. As a result, the label was forced to rush-release the single, effectively setting fire to a carefully planned marketing campaign and the money spent therein.

As a result, Atlantic wants blood remuneration for lost income. To get it, they will apparently be serving the actual front page of the Internet, Reddit. However has history has shown us, e-subpoenas may not always work out as planned and could result in even more lost revenue.

You can watch the track, which features some footage from the forthcoming rollercoaster ride through the DC universe that is Suicide Squad, guilt-free below.

WATCH: Twenty One Pilots – Heathens

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