Ricky Gervais Proves He’s The Folk Hero We Need In His New Music Video

A feature film based on Ricky Gervais‘ character from The Office will be released later this year and now Gervais has announced that David Brent will also be releasing an album.

David Brent and his band Forgone Conclusion will release their debut album Life On The Road on Friday, 19th August, just a week before Gervais’ feature David Brent: Life On The Road hits cinemas. Gervais has also shared a video clip for the first track from the album, Lady Gypsy, one that tells the story of Brent’s very personal experience losing his virginity to a gypsy.

“Even though the songs are funny in context, they’re not comedy songs as such,” Gervais said about the album.

“David Brent doesn’t think they’re funny. He thinks they’re important. And actually they’re not terrible songs. But the tragedy comes from the fact that a 55 year old tampon rep is singing rock songs about travelling across America picking up Señoritas or trying to end racism in reggae songs while singing with a Jamaican accent.”

No word yet on what the album’s next single will be, but according to Gervais himself, it’s coming very soon. Hold on tight, this is going to be a fun one.

Watch: David Brent – Lady Gypsy

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