A Ridiculously Massive Record Collection Of Rock & Roll Vinyl Has Been Put On Sale

If you’re looking to add a cheeky 10,000 records to your budding vinyl collection then we’ve got the perfect thing.

An Ebay user has put his 10,000-strong record collection up for sale on Ebay and it’s packed full of some pretty unbelievable stuff.

The collection has been built up over 60 years and consists of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Cliff Richard and heaps more.

These just aren’t your average records as well. Most of them are rare pressings that are still in mint condition.

“This original Vinyl Collection has taken me 60 years of my life full time to find these records,” he wrote on the Ebay page.

He further describes it as, “one of the rarest and the best original 50’s and 60’s Rock & Roll vinyl Collection in the world.”

The seller has a whole site dedicated to the vinyl collection where you can download a document listing every single record up for sale.

If you want to buy the whole collection right now, it’s going to set you back $296,000 which is likely out of most people’s reach. But if you’ve some how come into a lot of money recently, hit up the page here.

Check out photos of the collection below.

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