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Robert Pattinson Talks Making Ambient Music Dressed As Batman

Robert Pattinson has spoken about how music got him through filming The Batman, in a new interview with GQ.

The actor, whose Caped Crusader will be making its debut in Australian cinemas on March 3rd, has said that during the night shoots of The Batman, he’d often feel quite isolated.

Watch the trailer for The Batman below:

Shooting took place in the UK; with the intensity of the storyline, COVID protocols requiring the cast and crew to be in their own bubble and the fact that, as such an iconic character, he couldn’t really go anywhere in costume, Pattinson would often be oblivious to what was going on in the outside world. And this is where music came in – ‘ambient electronic music’, as he describes.

“You’re not really allowed out of the studio with the suit on, so I barely knew what was going on at all outside,” he remembered, noting that he had ‘a little tent’ to go to on set where he could ‘decompress’.

“I’d be in the tent just making ambient electronic music in the suit, looking over the cowl [the mask],” he recalled. “There’s something about the construction of the cowl that makes it very difficult to read books, so you have to kind of almost lean forward to see out of the cowl.”

Pattinson has dabbled in music in the past, contributing original music to the original Twilight soundtrack, as well as collaborating with the likes of Death Grips in the past.

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