Robin Gibb In A Coma – Many Not Have Long To Live

Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb may not have long to live after the 62-year-old slipped into a coma from a long battle with cancer. His family have been keeping a bedside vigil.

Gibb had been battling cancer for just over a year-and-a-half now, and while he mostly recovered from tumours in his liver and colon, it was feared that more tumours had appeared. He had also recently developed pneumonia.

A family friend spoke to The Sun, saying, “Our prayers are with Robin. He has kept so positive and always believed he could beat this. Sadly, it looks like he has developed pneumonia, which is very bad in his situation. If there is anyone you would put money on pulling through such a dire situation, it would be Robin because he is a fighter. But this is a battle he will struggle to win.”

A twisted intestine was the cause of his brother Maurice’s death in 2003.

Gibb and his brothers were originally from Manchester before moving to Redcliffe, near Brisbane, in the 50s.

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