Robin Gibb Rushed To Hospital, Cancels Tour

Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb has been forced to cancel a tour of Brazil after being hospitalised on April 3, according to the AP.

Gibb was supposed to fly out to South America on the 3rd, only for his doctor to advise him not to travel so they can work out the problem while he remains in a UK hospital. A spokesman told the BBC, “We are not sure what’s wrong with him at this stage and are worried.”

The singer not only had to cancel shows, but also a meeting with the Brazilian president, Dlim Rousseff. A statement on his website apologised for not making the trip, saying, “Robin apologises to all his fans in South America and to all the people who had worked on making this tour possible especially Web Rockers, Midia Digital Ltda and Poladian Productions… Robin was looking forward to meeting and performing for his South American fans.”

Gibb has had previous scares with stomach ailments. In August 2010 whilst performing in Belgium, Gibb suffered abdominal pains and was rushed to hospital for surgery on a blocked intestine, with part of his intestine removed. After that incident he said, “It was a shock. I’d been expecting to go home but instead I was told my intestine could burst at any time and I could be dead within half an hour.”

A twisted intestine was the cause of his brother Maurice’s death in 2003.

“We don’t know if it is a recurrence of the previous problem or if it is something else entirely,” the spokesman added

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