Rocking Horse Records Will Remain Open

Brisbane’s Rocking Horse Records will remain open, at least for the foreseeable future anyway. Rocking Horse Records previously announced they would be forced to close, but since then they have been inundated with local support. A facebook event was set up and over 7000 people have clicked ‘attending’ and this support may even save the store.

It seems the news of closure created a stir amongst the local scene and Music Feeds’ author Edward Guglielmino even suggested Government funding for the store : With all these Government funded spaces for fine art, theatre, dance and film around Australia, why is it that a culturally important space like Rocking Horse Records can’t be partially funded by the Government?

Now it seems this kind of passion has actually lead to people going to the store and buying records, which is what really matters. Rocking Horse Records have now posted a statement on their website stating that they will stay open :

Rocking Horse will now be open for the foreseeable future … and no, we’re not doing a ‘rugs a $#**ion’ We’ve had some pleasing 11th hour developments and are happy to announce that we will be trading onwards and upwards here at Albert St at least in the short term. The sale continues with amazing bargains as we clear out older stock to make way for new shipments arriving as this goes to print. Thank you for your overwhelming and gratifying messages of support. It’s great to realise that Rocking Horse means so much to so many people. Hope to see you in the store again real soon !

It’s awesome to see a local community rally together to keep an iconic place like Rocking Horse open.

Read Edward Guglielmino’s The Institute of Rocking Horse Records

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