Royal Chant: That’s Not Folk Music, This Is Folk Music

There is a lot of talk about folk music these days. By all reports it seems to be back in a big, big way, and indeed that may be the case. However, it might be worth a pause to ask the question, “Yes, but what kind of folk music.” If we’re talking about lush guitars, dreamy harmonies, and the odd splash of eclectic instrumentation, then yes, we do seem to be swimming in a sea of mellow gold. But, there are other types of folk music. There is the kind that wakes one up rather than puts one to sleep, that energises thoughts rather than lulls the senses, and that is as venomous and vociferous as punk rock could dare to be.

So, when Royal Chant say they play overdriven folk music, one can only assume that it is the latter and not the former to which they refer. The songs might be written alone on an acoustic guitar, but by the time they take the stage the songs are raw and chaotic modes of expression that careen haphazardly between the mythic, romantic, comedic, & ironic. They also have nice melodies that stick in your head. By all reports that is a good thing.

The boys have been seen loitering around Megaphon studios, possibly completing their debut LP (working title: Put A Sock In It, Sargeant), while playing shows to pass the time. They are rather noisy on stage, according to those who know such things.

Tour Dates:

Saturday 29th May
Lennox Point Hotel w/Booze Hag + The Roketsmiths

Saturday 5th June
Caringbah Bizzos

Wednesday 9th June
‘BONDI FILTH’ @ Beach Road Hotel

Friday 11th June
Monster Rock Show @ Avalon RSL

Sunday 13th June
The Vanguard w/The Owls

Thursday 17th June
Evelyn Hotel w/Red Ink + The Rocketsmiths

Friday 18th June
National Hotel w/Red Ink + The Rocketsmiths

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