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The Rubens Recruit SPOD And The Meeting Tree For A Bizarre New Music Vid

The Rubens have gone and delivered their weirdest clip to date for their latest single Cut Me Loose.

Cut Me Loose is taken from their most recent album Hoops which spawned the triple j Hottest 100-topping track of the same name. It may be a familiar tune but there’s nothing familiar about the video.

Created by Aussie muso SPOD, it’s a wack visual complete with 3D babies, models, bananas and The Meeting Tree who make a lengthy cameo. It’s pretty hard to work out exactly what’s going on but it looks excellent and that’s all that counts really.

SPOD spoke to and attempted to break down the video for us simpletons. “Life, an endless relay of terror that you cope with by banking on those moments that you define yourself by, hoping to quell the existential angst of existence & the vague horror of being hunted by time,” he said.

“Only there lies more terror, of underperforming, not reaching your potential, lazily repeating yourself or even worse, disappointing people. But the sweet payoff when you get a small glimpse of the warm glow of creative satisfaction quickly dissolves back into the black abyss of Life, an endless relay of terror, banking on those moments.”

So there you go. You might now be even further away than you were before to understanding the whole thing.

Watch: The Rubens – Cut Me Loose

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